The most extreme sports

We, people, are often looking for a shot of adrenaline. We are experiencing the adrenaline when we are doing something a little bit scary. What is a common thing to do, what is a bit scary? For example you can practise some extreme sports. Extreme sports are relatively easy to do and don’t cost that much money. In this article you can find a list of extreme sports.


Kitesurfing is a way of surfing. To practice this sport, you need a surfboard and a kite. Because of the kite, you can make a lot of high jumps on the waves. The speed is also much higher compared to normal surfing. The kite catches the wind. At the cost, the wind is more high than above land. This is why kitesurfing is an extreme sport.


Motorcross is a sport in which you need a motorcycle and a parcours. You need to ride as fast as you can, because you want to reach the finish line the first. The parcours is often full of sand and mud. The speed is high and there are some hills in the parcours, so sometimes you get off the ground a bit. All these elements make sure you are experiencing a large shot of adrenaline. Because the parcours is very muddy, you need to use the right equipment when you practise this sport. To keep it safe, take a look at Dal Soggio Race website. You will find what you need such as the right suspension forks, for example the 4CS forks.

Cliff jumping

Cliff jumping is a very dangerous sport which you must never do without the right accompaniment. With cliff jumping you wear a suit with a parachute on your bag. The idea is that you jump of a cliff or mountain and you are falling in the canyon. During the fall you can make a lot of somersaults and do some tricks. The sport is dangerous, because you are flying very close to the cliffs and there is a change you collapse on one of the cliffs. The cliffs are also often too low to jump off safely with a parachute.

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