Motor cross racing for beginners

Do you love motor racing but you don’t know how to start? Here are some tips for beginners.

Start riding a bike

Maybe you like motor crossing, but to step on a motor bike and ride on dirt road without some experience, can be dangerous. An alternative is riding a bike, for example a mountainbike or a BMX. With these bikes, you can easily start riding on dirt roads. In this way you start to experience what it means and what it requires from your body and vehicle to ride on these dirt roads. See it as a kind of training. When you are learning to ride a car, you also will not start driving a Ferrari.

Buy a motorbike

The range of motorbikes is huge. There are some new brands and some new kind of motorbikes. Because of that reason, you can easily buy a second hand motor bike and they will not be that expensive.

Find a motor cross track nearby

Due to noise disturbance, it is not permitted to drive anywhere. There are some strict rules for where you can ride and where you cannot. Find a spot which you can easily reach. It is a bit complicate to practice when you constantly have to drive for hours before you can practice.

Find a club where you can take part in a competition

If you love motor crossing, you don’t want only practicing. You want to race and take part in a competition. Therefore you need to join a club. After joining this club, you can start joining the competition. On a club, you get to know some other racers. You can learn a lot from them.

Buy the right equipment

During a race, safety is the most important thing. You don’t want to be in danger. Therefore you must buy the right equipment, for example a good helmet, the right clothes and KTM forks. These things will protect you when you fall. Are you looking for some equipment of high quality? Take a look at Dal Soggio Race. They can definitely help you. 

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